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Acting for Film & TV


Experience on-camera technique taught by an entertainment professional.

September 12, 2023 -
October 17, 2023

Kids: Ages 9 - 13

4 pm - 6 pm

Teens: Ages 14 - 17

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Adults: Ages 18+

8:30 pm - 10: 30 pm


800 Hobson Way

Oxnard, CA 93030

Learn to create memorable characters and inspired auditions using actual film and television scripts. The actor's best scene will be viewed by a top agency guest at the end of each six week session.

Film and Television

This is a unique opportunity using audition scripts as received from casting which cover a variety of genres. We will address character interpretation, audition and callback strategies as well as the very important taped audition. Actors interested in exploring this aspect of the business should be inspired to study this audition technique to create memorable characters. This class is not a test of acting skills; it is a unique process enabling actors to explore their imagination and reach their goals as visual storytellers.

Advanced on camera character development

Actors will learn a Meisner-based approach to creating memorable characters as well as learning the rhythm and pacing of the many genres of film and television. We will use scripts from well known features and network series.


Susan Nickells

Audition technique is an essential skill set for actors. The casting scenario can be daunting. Susan Nickells’ process prepares each actor to create a memorable audition inspired by their individual instincts and qualities. She provides a nurturing environment with direct feedback allowing the actors to embrace their scene study prep for the video audition. Scripts from actual television and film auditions will be used and tailored to specific ages.

Susan is a Los Angeles native who has earned a highly respected reputation with talent agencies, producers and casting directors as having a great eye for discovering new talent.

She began as a talent coordinator for CBS, NBC and PBS with independent producers developing television series. Susan moved on to package independent films and partnered with premier directors casting commercial projects. She also cast the award winning PBS Series “Go Kids!”

Given her years of production experience, she has a great 360 approach for enhancing each actor’s career development. National talent agencies request her client list on a regular basis as they look
to add new faces to their rosters. She has discovered talent for major film and series roles and is a passionate mentor. Clients across the nation have booked film and series lead roles on DISNEY, NICK, FOX, ABC FAMILY and CBS. Susan discovered her client MacKenzie Mauzy in Raleigh, NC and not long after, MacKenzie was cast as Rapunzel opposite Meryl Streep in Disney’s Oscar nominated film,“Into the Woods.”

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