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OPAC’s programming extends far beyond the campus of the Oxnard Performing Arts & Convention Center and delves deep into the community through our Public Art Initiatives. To do this successfully, we:

  • commission local artists to infuse their unique perspectives into public spaces

  • engage the community whenever possible

  • mentor emerging artists through our OPAC Art Studio programs

The Power of Public Art

Public art serves as a powerful catalyst for beautification, civic pride, and cultural enrichment within our community. By enhancing and activating our shared spaces, public art contributes to the visual identity of our region and fosters a sense of belonging and inspires a collective narrative. It transcends the confines of traditional art spaces, engaging individuals from all walks of life in unexpected encounters with beauty and meaning. 


Public art encourages dialogue, stimulates critical thinking, and sparks a shared appreciation for diverse perspectives. Its presence transforms mundane environments into dynamic canvases, bringing vibrancy and creativity to our daily lives. As an essential component of urban and social planning, public art plays a crucial role in shaping the cultural fabric of our society, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to admire and be inspired by.

Current Projects

Ray D. Prueter Library

OPAC’s Public Art Team is currently administering a Call for Qualifications for a permanent mural in celebration of the City of Port Hueneme’s 75th Anniversary. The mural will be installed on the facade of the Ray D. Prueter Library. More information on this project can be found here.


Interested in having public art in your neighborhood, business, school, or other location? We’d love to help!

Past Projects

Celebration of the Whales "Paint-by-Numbers" Community Mural 

Commissioned by the Ventura County Harbor Department for their annual Celebration of the Whales, OPAC staff designed, fabricated and facilitated an 8-foot-tall by 20-foot-wide mural 

Throughout the festival, community members of all ages painted the mural which depicted area marine life including seals, fish and of course whales. The mural was on view throughout the summer at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum.

Fence-stallation: A Weekend Weaving Project

Dozens of neighbors of all ages gathered over several weekends to liven up 100-feet of fencing between the Oxnard Performing Arts Center and the adjacent park. Led by visual artist and Oxnard College arts professor Christine Morla, the fence mural communicates community health, wellness, and empowerment and includes accompanying text in English, Tagalog and Spanish. This community mural brings color, vibrancy and a sense of ownership to this precious green space for our community that desperately needs access to open space, fresh air, and safe, healthy activities.

Utility Box in Downtown Oxnard

Located at 4th and Meta in Downtown Oxnard, this wrapped Utility Box was the culmination of a four-month photography program with 12 foster youth. Led by photographer Christian Ramirez, students in the program learned the basics of photography, partook in field trips, and met guest artists. Their photographs encapsulate the box and provide viewers a glimpse of life during the pandemic.

Youth-Led Murals

OPAC’s Art Studio produces year-round classes, camps and workshops in a variety of mediums. Our mural-making class not only teaches the history and essentials of muralism, but serves as a hands-on, experiential learning opportunity where students are engaged in every step of the process.