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Established in 1998, OPAC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to foster and serve our community through inclusive programming, cultural and artistic exchange, and developing people-centered spaces.



​Every year OPAC hosts a robust season of events featuring local and International as well as emerging and distinguished artists who help make Ventura County a vibrant and enriching place to live and visit. 



We provide cultural and community programming by supporting, producing and presenting theater, dance, music, media/visual arts, residencies, and outside-the-box programs that are of, by and for Ventura County.



Housed in one of the largest cultural anchors in the County, OPAC provides a dynamic venue for the community and presents accessible cultural arts experiences that won't be found elsewhere in the region.

Art classes for kids and teenageers

Our Community · Our Culture · Our Center

For all ages, OPAC plays a critical role in ensuring that the arts remain a part of our every day lives and that we have a vibrant community to call home.


Our programs and services serve as an incubator for innovation and creativity while the venue acts as a cultural anchor for place-making and gathering.

At every turn, we commission, employ and support local artists through residencies, collaborations and resource sharing.

Help us fuel this important work.

Our partners & supporters

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